The Future of Bitcoin

What is the future of Bitcoin?

The following is a brief video that includes a valuation model that helps give an idea of where Bitcoin is headed.

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Bitcoin for Beginners

What is Bitcoin?  

Talk of “Bitcoin” is all over the news, social media and at the water cooler in the break room at work. In talking with people throughout the last 4-5 months, I’ve found that many people still know very little about Bitcoin and Crypto Currency.  Thus, I thought I’d put this post together to help everyone out that may be intrigued and interested in learning about what it is and how to buy bitcoin.

The following video is an introduction to Bitcoin that was originally shown on the financial news channel Bloomberg.  This video is just a few minutes long but is very informative.  It was originally aired in 2013.

What is the potential of Bitcoin and why should I buy Bitcoin?  The following video has a great explanation of the potential for Bitcoin in the future.

How do you buy bitcoin?  There are numerous “exchanges” where you can buy bitcoin.  These include exchanges that you buy bitcoin with currency from the country you live in by transferring money from your bank account or debit card.  Other exchanges allow you to buy bitcoin with credit cards and even gift cards from well known established companies.  Some exchanges place limitations and only permit citizens of their country to buy bitcoin on their exchange.  In every case, you can start buying bitcoin without buying a full bitcoin.  Some exchanges require a $100 minimum deposit while others start as low as $25.

I have personally bought bitcoin on two different exchanges, Coinbase and Paxful.  There are benefits of both exchanges.  Coinbase is regarded as an industry leading exchange platform.  They have phone support for those that need help, which is not standard in the industry.  Coinbase gives you $10 in free Bitcoin when you sign up and make your first deposit of $100 with a referral link, which you can get here.  With Paxful, you can buy Bitcoin using gift cards with $25 value from numerous companies, such as Amazon, popular restaurant chains and more.  The


What is Blockchain and Why it Matters

A new technology is changing the infrastructure of how transactions are being done, including in the financial markets and on the internet.  This technology is called Blockchain. Why should you care?  For one, it has been estimated that over the next decade (by 2025), the blockchain ecosystem will store 10% of the world’s GDP ($101 trillion), according to a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Currently, the total market capitalization for all blockchain companies combined is $75 billion.  The predictable areas blockchain technology is set to transform cover financial services, insurance, cybersecurity, elections, energy, logistics, identity, legal, governance, and healthcare, for example. If the estimates by the WEF turn out to be accurate, the expected growth for the blockchain ecosystem should be approximately 13,333% within the next eight years.

If you are still new to Blockchain, the following is a great video overview on Blockchain technology.

Why is IBM investing in Blockchain Technology?  This video will help you understand.


It’s the 1990’s With The Internet All Over Again

Unbeknownst to most people, the technology and infrastructure of the internet and financial systems worldwide are changing right before our eyes.  For those who are paying attention, this has brought about technology investment opportunities as if one was to be investing in the internet in the early 1990’s.

The following short videos discuss this technology and how crypto currencies tie into it (Bitcoin, etc.).

What is Blockchain?

How Bitcoin is Like the Internet of the Early 90’s

As one CNBC analyst said, now is the time to invest in crypto currencies.   You can start investing in Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies by opening an account with Coinbase or  Paxful.