Who Should Play in the College Football Playoff

Should Ohio State or USC be in the playoff?  Or should Alabama be the 4th team in?  This will be debated over the next month while each of these teams sit home and prepare for their next game.  Think about it. These schools will all have a month off while everyone debates over whose opinion is right regarding which one of these schools is the better choice to play in the playoff.  My take – they should all be in the playoff.

There is plenty of time to have an expanded playoff.  Give an automatic birth to all conference champions in the FBS. The FCS has a 24 team playoff.  Why can’t the FBS do the same?  Each of the power 5 conferences could have at least 3 teams in a playoff that big.  If you feel 24 teams is too much, then 16 teams would be the next best option.  Why base football championships on opinions?   Is Alabama really a better team for the playoff with one loss vs a 2 loss USC team?  What’s wrong with both of them playing each other next weekend?  Or even two weeks from now?  There’s plenty of time in the month of December to do, just as Mike Leach says in the video below, to settle all debates on the field.

In this video above, Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach.

Can you imagine if the NFL only had the 4 best teams in their playoffs?  Football championships should never be decided on opinion polls but that is what we’re left with in major college football.   Unfortunately there will always be controversy and teams left out in a 4 team playoff.  Is it better than the 2 team “BCS” championship? Yes. But there is still no excuse of why it can’t be a real and bigger playoff.

The following was published on November 26th, 2017.

Once again, the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) and their 4 team “playoff”, is in total chaos just one week before the playoff teams are announced. Who should make the playoff is based on opinion and is sure to leave out conference champions of at least one major (Power 5) conference and all “mid major” conferences.

The biggest problem with the FBS playoff is that not everyone really has a chance to win the national championship.  Polls and opinions can lead one team to have more “votes” to get you in the playoff rather than wins and losses.  Every other college sport has the opportunity to play for a national championship if they win their conference, regardless of what conference they play in.  Not so in football.

The people who run major universities (Presidents/Chancellors, Athletic Directors, etc.) should all listen what Mike Leach has to say here. He has the perfect solution.  Coaches, players and fans should also take note.  Until more people like Mike Leach speak up, we’ll be stuck with opinion polls giving us who plays for the National Championship.

In this video above, Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach.

Recently, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh made his case for a 16 team playoff.   There are many other media members who have proposed a 16 team playoff, including a book even being written about it before the 4 team playoff started.

Today, I attended the first ever college football playoff game to be played in the state of Utah as Weber State played Western Illinois.  It was what was right with college football, while a reminder of everything that is wrong with the top division of college football.  The crowd was much larger than a regular season game and the game was very competitive. Although I never attended Weber State, they are my hometown school and I’ve followed them since I was a young kid.  Being in a real playoff tournament is a big deal to them and their community, just like it is for teams that go to the NCAA basketball tournament.

The following are brackets from the FCS Playoffs from both this year and last year.  There is not one good reason (in my opinion) why the FBS cannot do the same thing.  The people controlling the system are the only thing stopping this from happening.

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Gus and Coachtube

Former USC and NFL Star Talks About Overcoming Prescription Drug Addiction

I’ve been fortunate to be close friends with the Havili family for nearly 15 years.  They are more than just friends of mine.  They are family to me.  The entire family is as good of family as you will ever meet.

When I first met Stanley Havili, he was a highly recruited high school athlete in Salt Lake City.  He went on to play football at USC before being drafted in the NFL.  Throughout his entire career, I’ve been able to attend numerous games with his family.

Recently, Stanley shared his personal story about prescription drug use and how it led him to nearly taking his own life.  Below are three videos of a recent interview with Stanley sharing his story.  He is very open and candid about his experiences and hopes that it can help anyone that may be going through a similar struggle.

Please feel free to share this with anyone that you know that may be struggling with addiction or that may have a family or friend who is struggling with addiction.

Part One – Former USC and NFL Star Stanley Havili talks about Prescription Drug use:

Part Two – Former USC and NFL Star Stanley Havili talks about Prescription Drug use:

Part Three – Former USC and NFL Star Stanley Havili talks about Prescription Drug use:

Gus and Coachtube

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The Brother of Aaron Hernandez and Robert F Kennedy Jr on Vaccinations

Sports, and football in particular, have been a big part of my life over the past 15 years.  This past week, former NFL star and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez allegedly committed suicide in his prison cell.  Nearly every sports commentator gave their opinion on his life and outcome.  There was a story published last year about Aaron and his brother, Jonathan, that I came across earlier this week. Whether you are a sports fan or not, this story of Aaron Hernandez and his older brother is worth reading.  Here it is:  Jonathan and Aaron Hernandez

This last week I saw an interview with Robert F Kennedy Jr.  He spoke about vaccinations and the need for more analysis.  Most people, especially those who have kids, have an opinion one way or another on vaccines and whether or not they are safe.  I’ve got family and friends on both sides of this issue.  In this interview below, RFK Jr brought up some great points.  I hope you will watch this as they are, in my opinion, very valid points.  Too often, our society has blind trust in our government and the pharmacutical industry.  Let me know what you think.

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