How to Accomplish Your New Years Resolutions

With the start of the New Year, everyone is following tradition by setting New Years Resolutions.  As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts early this last week, I have been setting goals since I was a kid.  A few years ago, I was in a meeting at work and the CEO of the company I was working for at the time spoke to our company about goals and his approach to accomplishing his goals.  He showed us a small booklet that included his complete process for setting and accomplishing his goals.  The steps in his booklet included the following instructions and information:

  1. Create a compelling personal vision of what you want to accomplish and who you want to become.
  2. Ask yourself what is your why for your vision?  The “why” should be strong enough to motivate you to work towards the goals.
  3. Create intermediate goals to help you set and reach milestones on your way to greater goals.
  4. Create daily tasks or daily rituals that will help in accomplishing the intermediate goals.
  5. Review your vision, your intermediate goals and your daily tasks or rituals daily.

I actually recorded with the voice recorder on my phone the CEO’s talk.  He gave us a copy of his booklet that he uses, with blank pages for us to write down our own vision statement, our own intermediate goals and our own daily tasks/rituals.  To me, this was great information.  I have listened to this over and over many times over the past few years.

Rather than continuing to use a booklet that has been filled up, I now use an Excel Spreadsheet in which my daily tasks are on.  Each month, or even weekly, I can make changes and updates to my daily tasks and rituals as needed so that I can  working towards my intermediate goals.

Two years ago, I came across this talk from Tony Robins (below).  After watching the talk by Tony Robins, I realized that what my former CEO had talked about is the exact same things that Tony mentioned in this talk.

If you are setting New Years Resolutions or goals to start this year, you may want to watch this video. It may really help you as you embark on your goal of accomplishing your New Years Resolutions.

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