On United Flight 3411, Human Trafficking, The American Dream, and More

For some time I’ve wanted to share articles that I’ve recently read in a weekly blog post.  Hopefully you are able to enjoy reading these five articles.

The first article is related to United Flight 3411 and the Video of the Doctor Being Removed. Don’t get me wrong by the headline of this article.  I do NOT condone what United did to the Doctor.  “United Flight 3411 – United is Why People Hate Capitalism – They’re Wrong”via The National Review

This next article is something that I feel needs a lot more attention – Human Trafficking.  Thankfully a flight attendant helped rescue a young girl from her kidnapper.  “A Flight Attendant Rescues Minor From Human Trafficking”via Good 4 Utah

These next three articles are all written about my home state/home town by national publications.  They are all related to the business environment in the state of Utah and draw comparisons to the rest of the country.

“How Utah Keeps the American Dream Alive”via Bloomberg

“How a Mormon Church-Owned Site Defeated Craigslist in Utah”via The Atlantic

“5 US Cities Poised to Become Tomorrow’s Tech Mecca’s”via Forbes

I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter!

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